. Recipes: DATES CAKE


200 gm Dates,
50 gm Walnut,
100 gm Brown Sugar,
2 Eggs, Beaten
100 gm Plain Flour,
100 gm Wheat Flour,
2 tsp Yeast,
125 gm Cream Cheese,
50 gm Butter,
200 gm Dusting Sugar,
50 gm Walnut,
25 gm Cashew Nuts.

Preheat the oven at 180C for 30 minutes. Take a big bowl add in Dates, Walnut 50 gm, Brown Sugar, Eggs, Plain Flour, Wheat Flour, Yeast, Cream Cheese, Dusting Sugar and mix them thoroughly. Now take a 20 cm Round Cake Tin. Pour in the Buttered Tin. Bake it for 50 minutes. Paste Cashew Nuts and Walnuts. Cool down for 10 minutes. DATE CAKE is ready to serve.

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